At BOMA, we lean into the skills and experiences of our members to develop inspired, objective-led programs that will drive the built environment forward and provide the resources for those same members to excel.


We build our programs with purpose and industry-inspired insights.

Thought Leadership

Developing resources to push the industry forward and drive change.


Supporting innovative strategies and forging stronger alliances to amplify our collective voice.


Creating a space to celebrate success and innovation within our community.



Leveraging our members’ unique skills and understanding, we develop programs that directly answer industry needs.


Every year, our strong network of committees creates informative guides that cover a wide range of topics, from broad to very specific ones. These guides play an important role in keeping our industry up-to-date, informed, and driving positive change.

2023 Digital Transformation Guide​: This guide delves into the initial steps to grasp the essential data for gaining a deeper understanding of your customers and improving efficiency through analytics and informed decision-making.

2022 Resilience Guide​

Connecting the data collection practices for operational management and efficiency with corporate portfolio risk management.  Details

2022 Human Rights Guide

How the developing issue of Business and Human Rights affects Canadian property ownership and management industries. Details

2022 5G Guide

A primer for 5G covering the benefits, opportunities, and challenges. Details

2022 Cyber Security Guide

Establishing effective cyber security governance.

2022 Resilience Guide​: Connecting the data collection practices for operational management and efficiency with corporate portfolio risk management.

More Guides & Publications

Creating Awareness

Using video, we are able to use industry influencers to create an immersive experience for viewers that will lead to increased awareness and ultimately drive results.



Connect with industry thought leaders, influencers and fellow members of BOMA Canada’s growing community. This includes an extensive network who volunteer their time and expertise to BOMA Canada lead projects.





“Throughout my career, I’ve never stopped learning. The constant evolution of this industry means you’re always engaged. And BOMA offers the ideal place to establish those connections and relationships that provide the resources to solve any problem. I’ve been a member of BOMA since 1986 and can attest to its immense benefits.”

Don Fairgrieve-Park – Executive Vice President, Operational Excellence, QuadReal Property Group

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