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BOMA 360


Now together in one streamlined application portal, the BOMA 360 Performance Program and the TOBY Awards are just what you need to take your building to the next level.

Note: All buildings competing at the Regional and International level must be BOMA 360 designated.

Now it’s even easier to ensure your building achieves the ultimate success. Effective 2023, the TOBY Awards are only given to properties carrying a BOMA 360 distinction (starting at the Regional level) — the most comprehensive and holistic evaluation of operational and management practices. Now you have two opportunities to highlight overall excellence for community impact, emergency preparedness, sustainability, health and wellness, and additional performance metrics for both commercial and industrial buildings.

Before entering the TOBY competition, applying for the BOMA 360 designation serves as the first step in ensuring your building has achieved the minimum level of operational best practices. A new universal recognition platform has been created to simplify the process to help shape high-performance buildings by providing an opportunity to educate property management professionals, reinforce team-building relationships, and increase asset value and tenant retention on a global basis.

The BOMA 360 and TOBY applications have been consolidated into BOMA International’s new 360/TOBY portal where applicants will have access to both applications all in one place. Applicants will have an opportunity to see areas where they can improve before entering the TOBY competition and have a stronger application.

For more information on BOMA 360 visit the BOMA Recognition platform https://recognition.boma.org/

* BOMA 360 is required for all TOBY categories as all properties who participate in the TOBY Awards should have the best practices and standard operating procedures required to operate an Outstanding Building. If you are unsure of which criteria to use for your building type please contact Tyler Kirshner at BOMA International – tkirshner@boma.org.

* Applications may be submitted at any time during the year and reviewed by members of the BOMA 360 Performance Program Council on a monthly basis. Applications submitted before the end of any given month will be reviewed within 45 days of the closure of the month in which you submit your application.

BOMA 360 – Stronger Together : Elevating Buildings & Best Practices (BOMA BEST + BOMA 360 + TOBY AWARDS)

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