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Diversity is a fact.

is a choice.

What starts as a building quickly turns into a community. If the doors are too narrow, some are left on the outside looking in. As an association, as an industry and as a country, it is time to intensify our efforts and ensure that our doors are wide open to everyone.

Equity, Diversity
& Inclusion

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” There is a change happening, not just in Canada but around the world, that matters deeply. 

BOMA Canada embraces our profound responsibility not only to promote true diversity and meaningful inclusion but also to stand with those who have been affected by racism and with them to foster true change.

The commercial real estate industry wants to take a stand.

Our goal is to provide industry members with the ability to build stronger, more diverse teams that reflect the communities in which they do business. And in doing so, we aim to empower their team to advance common goals, their business and their communities in general. 

Inclusion is the key to unlocking the potential of our businesses and our people. It’s time to capitalize on our differences and build a more prosperous and equitable Canada for all.

Our Goal

To create a program that allows BOMA members and BOMA Canada to:
1. Build organizations that are comprehensively diverse and inclusive
2. Confront all forms of racism, intolerance and bigotry anywhere in their organizations and in their industry
3. Make meaningful improvements irrespective of their size and scale

Commitment to Advance Indigenious Relations

Developing and fostering better relationships and partnerships with Indigenous communities is crucial to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the commercial real estate industry in Canada. BOMA Canada commits to play an important role in this effort by taking the following steps in collaboration with our Local BOMA Associations:

BOMA Canada will develop tools and resources to provide education and training to its members on the history, culture, and values of Indigenous communities in Canada. This will help members develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of Indigenous perspectives, which can facilitate better communication and collaboration.

BOMA Canada will proactively seek out and build relationships with Indigenous communities across the country. This can involve engaging with Indigenous leaders, participating in community events and initiatives, and establishing partnerships with Indigenous businesses and organizations.

BOMA Canada will endeavour to better understand indigenous perspectives and see how they can be incorporated into policies, practices, and decision-making processes where applicable. This can involve consulting with Indigenous communities on issues that affect them, incorporating Indigenous knowledge and practices into building design and management, and recognizing Indigenous contributions to the commercial real estate industry.

BOMA Canada can support Indigenous businesses by actively seeking out Indigenous-owned businesses for procurement opportunities and promoting their products and services to its members.

BOMA Canada can offer mentorship opportunities to Indigenous students and professionals interested in pursuing careers in the commercial real estate industry. This can help increase Indigenous representation and participation in the industry.

By taking these steps, BOMA Canada can help develop and foster better relationships and partnerships with Indigenous communities, and promote greater diversity, equity, and inclusion in the commercial real estate industry in Canada.

Commitment to Advance DEI Considerations

At BOMA Canada, we are committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) both within our team and in the commercial real estate industry in Canada. We recognize that creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace and industry is essential for driving innovation, improving business outcomes, and ensuring a fair and equitable society.

We believe that everyone should have equal access to opportunities, resources, and support, regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, or any other characteristic. We are committed to fostering a culture of respect, empathy, and inclusion, where all individuals are valued and supported, and where their differences are celebrated cherished.

To advance DEI in the commercial real estate industry in Canada, we will, in collaboration with our Local BOMA Associations:


  • Continuously educate ourselves and our members on DEI best practices and strategies.

  • Provide resources and support to our team and members to help them create more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces.

  • Foster partnerships with diverse organizations and stakeholders to expand our network and learn from their experiences and perspectives.

  • Monitor and analyze our data to identify areas of improvement and measure our progress towards our DEI goals.

  • Actively recruit and retain a diverse range of talent at all levels of our organization, and encourage our membership to do the same.

  • Ensure that our events, programs, and initiatives are accessible and inclusive to all individuals.

  • Advocate for policies and practices that promote DEI in the commercial real estate industry in Canada.


We recognize that creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive commercial real estate industry in Canada will not happen overnight, but we are committed to making progress and creating lasting change.

Our Challenge

To identify the people who will benefit most from industry change, those who can actively drive the change, and the tools that will be required:

1. People in and outside of the industry who face barriers
2. People in senior/decision making positions in CRE companies
3. Tools that are most effective in delivering the necessary changes


BOMEX 2020 Virtual – Equity Diversity & Inclusion: Societal Changes and Commercial Real Estate


Speakers: Shakil Choudhury, Anima Leadership

Speakers: Kim Buksa, City of Vancouver; Garrett Wiseman, FirstOnSite

Description: Understanding how procurement can be used as a tool and opportunity to be more equitable be redistributing wealth within the community.

Speakers: Amy Vuong, Colliers International; Michael Bansil, GWLRA; Shakil Choudhury, Anima Leadership; Susan Lovie, Oxford Properties 

Description: BOMA Canada will present polling results from Shakil Choudhury’s Pre-Summit presentation on Deep Diversity in conversation with industry leaders and Shakil Choudhury himself.


Speakers: Jeffrey Kadianda, GWLRA; Jerome Bilodeau, Government of Canada; Christine Babkine, Ivanhoe Cambridge 

Description: The demand for equity, diversity and inclusion in both society and the workplace grows stronger every day. This French session brings 3 CRE representatives together to weigh in on the urgent need for diversity and inclusion, what existing barriers we must dismantle and efforts to consider implementing in your organization to facilitate an equitable, diverse and inclusive environment. Tune into their conversation today and let us continue the conversation together as an industry.


Moderator: Bala Gnanam, BOMA Toronto

Speakers: Fariche Alleyne; Luis Urra, Oxford Properties; Michelle Kim, Awaken; Sarah Neville, Open Line Communications

Description: Equity, diversity and inclusion is not just a hot topic on social media, it’s happening in every boardroom across every industry. But where do we start? It begins with looking at ourselves, looking at our hidden dislikes and things we’re uncomfortable – they are called unconscious biases. This session will draw on the experience of two experts in the field of unconscious bias and panelist who work or have worked in commercial real estate to discuss what it is and what steps have to take to do make change. Understanding that you rarely feel inclusion and equity at the company level, it’s experienced at the team level. Everyday interactions must come with respect, equity and fairness. And for some of us, this is a learned skill.


Speakers: Aiden Callison, HCMA; Laura Malley, Triovest; Marco Pasqua, Marco Pasqua Enterprises

Description: Creating accessible buildings for all people, regardless of physical ability goes beyond minimum code requirements can be challenging. This session will help building owners and managers dispel concerns by discussing how meaningful access can be achieved through no additional costs.

Council Members

Amy Vuong

Colliers International

Carmen Klein

Cadillac Fairview

Luis Urra

Oxford Properties

Susan Lovie

Oxford Properties

Bowen Fu

EPIC Investment Services

Shavar Sargeant


Ruth Talbot

Natural Resources Canada

Katie Ungard


Michael Bansil


Kerris Hougardy

Colliers International

Linda Mariotti

PSPC Canada

Marie-Louise Gidaro

Global Affairs Canada

Nandini Srikantiah

PSPC Canada

Kerry Goodfellow

Global Affairs Canada

Ashley Dagenais

Global Affairs Canada

Jérôme Bilodeau

Natural Resources Canada

Tom Falls


Krista Lachelt

BOMA Canada

Fariche Alleyne

Sheela Ramesh

EPIC Investment Services

Benjamin Shinewald

BOMA Canada

Suhaila Cappuccino

BOMA Canada


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