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National Partnerships

Welcome to the dynamic world of Canadian commercial real estate! BOMA Canada stands out as the premier national association dedicated to building management and operations. Together with our network of eleven local BOMA associations spanning the country, we serve as a beacon for advocacy, education, thought leadership, and networking.

At BOMA Canada, we are committed to developing innovative, objective-led programs and thought leadership initiatives that propel the built environment forward. We leverage the collective skills and experiences of our partners and members to drive operational excellence, community impact, and career growth.

Our National Partners benefit from unparalleled visibility among industry leaders, innovators, and members who share a common goal of navigating the evolving landscape of building practices and operational solutions to create lasting value.

To learn more about how a national partnership with BOMA Canada can benefit your business, please reach out to Krista Chambers (Lachelt) at klachelt@bomacanada.ca.

Thank you to our current National Partners





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