Despite the Canadian real estate industry’s size, both in terms of people employed and in the number of Canadians who live, work, and play in their vast portfolio of buildings, it is a very small and close-knit community. 

This is clearly why so many of these dedicated individuals are more than willing to share their time and expertise with BOMA Canada’s dynamic network of committees. It is not until you’ve worked with these people that you truly appreciate the breadth and depth of their passion for the industry. 

Our Committees

Extreme weather events have been expanding in both frequency and intensity over the years. Building owners and managers are correspondingly responding with resilience measures to protect their assets and occupants. BOMA Canada has brought together various resources to better support the industry to create more awareness of the challenges and opportunities associated with making buildings more resilient.
Diversity is a fact – Inclusion is a choice. What starts as a building quickly turns into a community. If the doors are too narrow, some are left on the outside looking in. As an association, as an industry, and as a country, it is time to intensify our efforts and ensure that our doors are wide open to everyone. And we’ve taken the first of what will be many steps.
Emerging Leaders want to make an impact. They are future leaders of the Canadian commercial real estate industry. BOMA Canada is committed to providing these emerging leaders with a voice, access to continuous learning, unique ways to make connections, and opportunities to grow their careers. This committee of emerging leaders is making sure the right questions are being asked.
Over the past decade, cybersecurity has been a growing area of concern in commercial and residential buildings, and it’s what led to our committee putting together a cybersecurity guide series to shine a light on this critical subject. This committee’s focus was to introduce building managers and owners to building SRM programs that can help mitigate cybersecurity risks.
As the Novel Coronavirus (known as COVID-19) continues to spread globally, BOMA Canada and a team of industry volunteers are actively working to provide our members with the most up-to-date information and key resources for back to work.
Human rights are a growing concern in our industry as we are building owners and managers with assets all over the world, including in countries with poorer rules of law, health and human safety, etc. These buildings can unwittingly be a venue for illicit activities such as human trafficking in our properties, or by our suppliers.
Technology in our built environments is accelerating at an exponential pace – faster than ever seen before, even despite these unique market conditions. For too long, the term “Smart Building” was left undefined – leaving building owners and operators with little direction. This committee was struck to provide resources to building owners and managers who are in the pursuit of technologies as they endeavored to bring value to their occupants and improve their environments.
The commercial real estate industry is continuously evolving and adapting. In order to stay on top of industry trends, this committee brings together thought leaders to help BOMA Canada identify what’s next for the industry in terms of both opportunities and challenges.

There is an expectation that 5G will offer significant opportunities to the commercial real estate industry, most significantly how buildings are managed. The challenge is that while there is promise, there is little proof. This committee is both staying on top of the technological advancements and examining how the industry can best take advantage of it.

The BOMA BEST Technical Committee, created in December 2012, is tasked with reviewing stakeholder inquiries about BOMA BEST technical content and provide insights into emerging trends and areas of interest that affect the Program. This volunteer committee is composed of industry experts from across Canada with specific experience in each of the tool’s critical areas of assessment (energy, water, waste reduction, etc.).
As the commercial real estate industry emerges from a global pandemic, cleanliness, and hygiene in our properties has never been more important. This committee has come together to provide resources for building owners, managers, and tenants looking at their cleaning service providers to deliver safe and effective janitorial procedures to ensure best practices and build confidence that these spaces are safe to occupy.

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