Despite the Canadian real estate industry’s size, both in terms of people employed and in the number of Canadians who live, work, and play in their vast portfolio of buildings, it is a very small and close-knit community. 

This is clearly why so many of these dedicated individuals are more than willing to share their time and expertise with BOMA Canada’s dynamic network of committees. It is not until you’ve worked with these people that you truly appreciate the breadth and depth of their passion for the industry. 

Our Committees

The BOMA BEST Technical Committee, created in December 2012, is tasked with reviewing stakeholder inquiries about BOMA BEST technical content and provide insights into emerging trends and areas of interest that affect the Program. This volunteer committee is composed of industry experts from across Canada with specific experience in each of the tool’s critical areas of assessment (energy, water, waste reduction, etc.).
Over the past decade, cybersecurity has been a growing area of concern in commercial and residential buildings, and it’s what led to our committee putting together a cybersecurity guide series to shine a light on this critical subject. This committee’s focus was to introduce building managers and owners to building SRM programs that can help mitigate cybersecurity risks.

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