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We are always impressed by a teams commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship as the go through the certification process for their building.

Through these awards, BOMA Canada is able to recognize these buildings and their dedicated teams as we not only recognize building performance but also foster a culture of environmental responsibility and sustainability.

BOMA BEST Prestige Awards celebrate high scoring achievement in each of the BOMA BEST certification asset classes.

The highest scoring building from each BOMA Local in each BOMA BEST asset class (e.g. the highest BOMA BEST score for office, light industrial, retail etc. for each Local association) will automatically be entered into the National BOMA BEST Awards presented during the National Awards Gala at BOMEX annually.

Only BOMA BEST buildings verified between April 1, 2022 – March 31, 2023, will be considered for 2023 and then the cycle will renew.

BOMA BEST Spotlight Awards will celebrate a team’s commitment to a single building that tells a unique sustainability story.

The primary objective of the BOMA BEST Spotlight Award is to showcase and acknowledge innovative achievements in sustainability within the BOMA BEST Sustainability program. By highlighting best practices and innovative approaches, this award aims to inspire others to adopt similar strategies, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable built environment. 

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