Launching the CRE Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Survey …It’s Time

Issuing a statement supporting Equity, Diversity and Inclusion was the first step for many commercial real estate (CRE) organizations. Then came the second step, forming an internal committee; and the third, looking inward to see where you are. As an industry with a strong culture of collaboration, we now face a collective opportunity to share information and establish industry-wide benchmarks. For this reason, BOMA Canada is launching an industry-wide EDI survey to help all of us better understand how we can all do better when it comes to EDI.

About the Survey:

· 5 minutes to complete

· All responses are anonymous and confidential – no individual or firm will be identified

· Name and Contact information are not required or requested

· BOMA Canada has hired EDI data specialist Diversio to manage the survey and interpret the results

· We will publish the aggregated results upon completion

We encourage you to share this survey link broadly, across your entire organization, including with your senior leadership and your Human Resources department. Thank you for your participation in this important industry initiative! For any questions regarding the BOMA Canada Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Benchmark Survey, please reach out to scappuccino@bomacanada.ca