Coronavirus Resources

BOMA Canada’s core advice to our members is that, if you suspect or are aware of a case of coronavirus in your building, call your relevant public health authority for advice and direction.

As the Novel Coronavirus (known as COVID-19) continues to spread globally, BOMA Canada is actively working to provide our membership with the most up to date information.

Members should refer to Health Canada and World Health Organization (WHO) for up-to-the minute updates and best practices.


Coronavirus Back To Work Support:

Updated November 2020

BOMA BEST Guidance for Impact of COVID-19

As we move into the second year of the pandemic, certain practices have returned, such as inviting third-party contractors to perform assessments in buildings. As such, this document has been revised to recognize which practices no longer require a variance – except in extreme cases – and where variances remain.

The process for claiming and tracking variances has been significantly simplified. All applicable questions may now be deferred using the same online form. Follow the instruction in the following pages to ensure the appropriate information is provided to the verifier.

Important update: The deferral deadline has been extended to September 30, 2022.

Coronavirus Webinars and Support:

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