BOMA Canada is proud to announce its 2020 National Awards winners.

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, hardworking building operators, property managers, security personal, cleaning staff and many others suddenly emerged from the shadows.

Long overlooked while hidden in plain sight, their work was belatedly recognized for what it is: essential. Selflessly, tirelessly and bravely, these individuals showed up day in, day out to keep our buildings operational, clean and safe.

BOMA Canada is incredibly proud to recognize and celebrate the contributions of these heroes, and to bring the commercial real estate community together in doing so.

Click on the link below to participate in this national Thank You campaign.

Pinnacle Awards Winners

  • Matco Moving Solutions Edmonton, Alberta (Above & Beyond)
  • Pinchin Ltd. Calgary, AB (Customer Service)
  • Paladin Security Group Ltd. (Edmonton City Centre) Edmonton, Alberta (Innovation)

Earth Awards Winners

  • 205 Quarry Park Calgary, AB (Office)
    Managed by: Epic Investment Services (Alberta) Inc., Owned by: 205 Quarry Park GP Ltd.
  • Forensics Services & Coroners Complex North York, ON (Universal)
    Managed by: Dexterra, Owned by: Infrastructure Ontario

Net Zero Awards Winners

  • Mississauga Gateway Centre Mississauga, ON (Best In Class)
    Managed by: Triovest Realty Advisors, Owned by: HOOPP Realty Inc. (Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan)
  • Royal Centre Vancouver, BC (Most Improved)
    Managed by: Warrington PCI, Owned by: Royal Centre (KREC) Inc.
  • Sun Life Financial Centre Ottawa, ON (Innovation)
    Managed by: BentallGreenOak, Owned by: Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada and BK Prime Ontario 1LP

TOBY Awards Winners

  • 1669 East Broadway Vancouver, BC (Under 100,000 Sq. Ft.)
    Managed and Owned by: Wesgroup Properties
  • 235 Yorkland Boulevard North York, ON (100,000 – 249,999 Sq. Ft.)
    Managed by: Northam Realty Advisors Limited, Owned by: 235 Investment Limited
  • 745 Thurlow Vancouver, BC (250,000 – 499,999 Sq. Ft.)
    Managed by: QuadReal Property Group, Owned by: 2748355 Canada Inc. & 745 Thurlow Street Holdings Inc.
  • Park Place Vancouver, BC (500,000 – 1 Million Sq. Ft.)
    Managed by: QuadReal Property Group, Owned by: 1672 Holdings Ltd.
  • 700 University Toronto, ON (Over 1 Million Sq. Ft.)
    Managed by: Triovest Realty Advisors Inc., Owned by: 700 University Inc.
  • 287 Nelsons Court New Westminister, BC (Corporate Facility)
    Managed by: Wesgroup Properties, Owned by: Brewery District 1 LP
  • Queen’s Quay Terminal Toronto, ON (Historical)
    Managed by: Northam Realty Advisors Limited, Owned by: Northam CCPF II Tenco (QQT) Limited & 10954594 Canada Inc.
  • Vantage Business Park Edmonton, AB (Industrial Building)
    Managed by: Nearctic Property Group, Owned by: Nearctic Development Corporation Ltd.
  • 1128 Hornby (Three Bridges Community Health Centre) Vancouver, BC (Medical Office Building)
    Managed and Owned by: Wesgroup Properties
  • Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump Interpretive Centre Fort Macleod, AB (Public Assembly)
    Managed and Owned by: Alberta Infrastructure
  • 25 Watline Avenue Mississauga, ON (Renovated Building)
    Managed by: BentallGreenOak, Owned by: Nicola Wealth Management Ltd.
  • 10 Dundas Street East Toronto, ON (Retail Building – Enclosed Under 1 Million Sq. Ft.)
    Managed by: BentallGreenOak, Owned by: Prime
  • Shops of Oakville South Oakville, ON (Retail Building – Open Air)
    Managed by: FCR Management Services LP, Owned by: Shops of Oakville South Inc.
  • 1-8 Prologis Boulevard Mississauga, ON (Suburban Office Park – Low Rise)
    Managed by: Triovest Realty Advisors Inc., Owned by: Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) Realty Inc.
  • Southcreek Corporate Centre Markham, ON (Suburban Office Park – Mid Rise)
    Managed by: Northam Realty Advisors Limited, Owned by: Northam CCPF Tenco (Commerce Valley Drive) Ltd. & Lasalle Investment Management

BOMA Canada Rick Hansen Accessibility Challenge Award Winner

  • East Calgary Health Centre Calgary, AB
    Managed by: BentallGreenOak, Owned by: Beacon Hills Apartment Ltd.

Chair’s Award Winner

BOMA Canada Chair’s Award is presented to individuals who make valuable and long-lasting contributions to BOMA and support the organization in a meaningful way.

  • Don Fairgrieve-Park
    Executive Vice President, Operational Excellence
    QuadReal Property Group, Vancouver, BC

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