Canada’s commercial real estate industry is a highly collaborative community that works together to drive smart solutions. And BOMA Canada is a natural hub for its decision-makers and influencers. This includes service providers who are key stakeholders and highly valued in this process.

As a potential sponsor of BOMA Canada activities, your company positions itself with forward-thinking initiatives that are socially responsible, environmentally responsible, and steer commercial real estate successfully into the future.

One of the unique opportunities of partnering with BOMA Canada is our connection with industry thought leaders. Individuals who are more than willing to volunteer their time and expertise to BOMA Canada’s strong committee network. Over the past five years, we have leveraged this relationship to help further the industry.

Our network of eleven vibrant Local Associations, stretching from Newfoundland and Labrador to British Columbia, continue to offer first-rate programs for the thousands of underlying members. Many of those Associations also offer sponsorship programs, and all offer sponsorship opportunities. However you proceed, your sponsorship of BOMA will not only demonstrate your leadership of our industry but will also advance your organization’s mission.

Please contact Krista Lachelt, to discuss your needs and a possible fit with the BOMA Canada family.


Thank you to our current sponsors

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