Planning For Resilience Workshops

Operational resilience can be defined as a building’s capacity to recover from any major disruption (climate-related or otherwise) and return to its normal operation or better. Increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather-related events pose great risks to business operations, impacting our ability to meet our obligations as a landlord and diminishing return on investment. These are real risks that cannot be ignored. Therefore, resilience planning is a critical exercise that should be part of our broader enterprise risk management strategy. BOMA Canada is facilitating a series of workshops across Canada to introduce and describe the latest technical guidance note on Resilience in the CRE industry. Hosted by local BOMA chapters for their members, these workshops are for operations managers and those engaged in the risk management of real properties. The focus is on understanding and the practical application of the guidance, providing an opportunity for open discussion and exploring strategies to de-risk properties.

Learning Objectives

To understand the role and value of resilience planning in commercial real estate

To understand the concepts of location risk assessment and incident sequencing

To know what to ask of your consultants and what right looks like

Who should attend?

Building operations managers
Those reporting portfolio climate change risks
Portfolio risk managers

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Resilience in the Commercial Real Estate Sector –
Protecting Value For an Uncertain Future

Three Benefits of Resilience Planning

It supports triple bottom line.
Almost no extra effort – just applying what you already do.
Benefits are tangible and incremental.


The workshops will follow a standard half-day format, and we’ll provide an overview of BOMA Canada’s Technical Guidance Note II.


Welcome by local BOMA rep and BOMA Canada.


Local BOMA member describing their perspective on resilience benefits.


Zurich Canada provides a financial risk perspective.


TGN overview and Driver 1 Location Risk Assessment, focussed on assessing hazard exposures and what they mean.


10-mins break, questions etc.


Driver 3 Incident Sequencing, focused entirely on capacity and stand-by planning.


10-mins break, questions etc.


GDI Ainsworth, optimizing maintenance routines for early failure identification, and CRE examples of energy efficiency and reduced sole-source dependency.


10-mins break, questions etc.


Panel Q&A of speakers, moderated by BOMA Canada.


Close by local BOMA host.


Lunch and continuing discussions.



Sept. 28



Sept. 29

BOMA Calgary

Supporting Host:
BOMA Edmonton


Sept. 30

BOMA Manitoba

Supporting Host:
BOMA Saskatchewan


Oct. 4

BOMA Toronto

Supporting Host:
BOMA Ottawa


Oct. 6

BOMA Québec


Oct. 12


Supporting Host:
BOMA Newfoundland & Labrador


Alexander (Alec) H. Hay

Risk, Resilience & Security Planner

Founding principal of Southern Harbour, based in Toronto, Alec was previously the resilience and security leader at DIALOG, before which he served 25 years in the British Royal Engineers. He specialized over the last 30+ years in fortifications and infrastructure development, which he practiced around the world. An adjunct professor at the University of Toronto Centre for Resilience of Critical Infrastructure, he focuses on operational resilience of communities and infrastructure systems. With an enduring interest in professional development, he is the co-author of the international professional competencies study for the Institution of Civil Engineers and developed InterGEN, formation mentoring, with the Rethink Sustainability Initiative. He speaks internationally on infrastructure risk and resilience, is the author of numerous books, articles and research papers, and reviewer of the Register of Security Engineers and Specialists.

Chris has more than 22 years of experience in insurance risk management. Joining Zurich Canada in 2005, Chris was a senior field and account engineer completing on-site risk assessments for several different types of industries. He is trained in several areas of risk but has specialized expertise in business interruption, interdependency, property fire, natural hazards, product liability, supply chain and hazard analysis. Then, as the Manager Commercial Insurance, Property Canada, Chris was responsible for a team of ten risk specialists’ staff from across Canada. In 2020, Chris stepped in as interim Head of Risk Services and was responsible for the team of 29 risk professionals.

Most recently Chris stepped into the role of Head of Sales & Distribution for ZRS Canada. Responsibilities centered around ensuring fluid department operations, supporting Zurich Canada’s “Go To Market” position and services as well as supporting and driving technical excellence, engagement levels, training, efficiency and effectiveness.

Chris is part of Zurich’s Business Resilience Global Technical Team and is an associate member of the Business Continuity Institute. In addition, Chris is also a part of the Global Zurich Risk Engineering Customer & Distribution Management team. Chris is also a regional leader for the suite of Zurich mobile apps and online MyZurich customer portal.


Head of Sales & Distribution,
Zurich Resilience Solutions | Risk Services Canada.

Steve Horwood

Vice President, Business Development
Ainsworth Inc.

Mr. Horwood has been active in all aspects of facility maintenance, operations and construction industry for more than 35 years. His 10 years in operations and project management in the hospitality industry in Canada and the United Kingdom helped him develop first-hand knowledge of the importance of understanding the client’s business processes and their goals and objectives. This, combined with his 25 years of P & L and business development leadership roles with technical services providers, has formed the basis of Mr. Horwood’s ability to professionally challenge a customer’s status quo and achieve measurable financial, operational and sustainable objectives.

Howard loves solving problems. He is always looking for new perspectives and meeting new people! You can always find him crafting, managing, and optimizing solutions that drive business outcomes regardless of positions. His specialty is delivering business result through strategy, technology, and innovation.

Howard Lu

Head of Sales & Distribution,
Ainsworth Inc.

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Resilience in the Commercial Real Estate Sector
Protecting value for an uncertain future

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