What is a Class A Building?

What is a Class A Building?

The most prestigious buildings with the most amenities in the best locations. They generally are the most attractive buildings built with the highest quality materials and construction methods. Additionally, these buildings usually have a professional manager, good access, and are typically located in highly visible areas on high traffic streets. Due to their exceptional quality, Class A Buildings are usually leased to reputable tenants at the highest rental rates in the market.


  • High-rise building in prime central business district.
  • A flagship building in its market.
  • Architecture – Concrete and steel construction, distinctive design, attractive look, superior exterior finishes on the curtain wall, superior interior quality finishes in main lobby and common areas, including elevators and washrooms. Fairly recent construction or very well maintained and/or recently renovated building. Well designed and good-size layout to accommodate one or several tenants on the same floor.
  • Strong identifiable location (well known address) – Convenient access (public transportation, etc.).
  • Managed by a professional firm. Premier tenants.
  • Highest rental rates.
  • Strong market presence.
  • State-of-the-art systems that meet industry standards – automated mechanical, electrical and safety and security systems. High capacity back-up power system.
  • Elevators- Sufficient number of elevators for the number of floors and building population.
  • Environmental – Certification (BOMA BEST, LEED). Responsible sustainability practices in place.
  • Security 24/7 – controlled access system, camera monitored. For smaller buildings or those located in a outlying areas, access control system in place as well as alarm system with off-site monitoring.
  • Built by reputable developer and contractor.
  • Parking – Sufficient private and public parking to accommodate tenants and visitors. 24/7 access for building tenants with security controls in place. Bike stands and electric vehicle charging stations have become the norm.
  • Tenant services – Experienced and professional manager providing centralized tenant service call system, including maximum response time, concierge services, tenant relationship program, regular tenant activities such as barbecues and holiday breakfasts, new tenant welcome committee, etc.
  • Amenities – Enclosed weather protected walkway connection, conference centre, fitness centre, service oriented retail such as convenience store, cafeteria/ food court type restaurants, dry cleaning services, ATM and Wi-Fi. For stand-alone buildings not located downtown, cafeteria/food court restaurants and coffee shops provide above-average services to tenants.

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