Rangewinds Business Park

Winner of the 2015 BOMA International TOBY Award

Rangewinds Business Park is a premier six-building industrial complex in Calgary, Alberta, managed by Bentall Kennedy (Canada) LP and owned by Sun Assurance Company of Canada. The 344,645 square foot complex is situated on 23 acres with prime access to major arterial roads and is in close proximity to downtown Calgary, as well as only 15 minutes to the Calgary International Airport. As a highly sought-after location, the complex is 95% leased by 26 tenants who operate distribution, light manufacturing, and sales and service outlets.

In addition to achieving BOMA BEST recertification, Rangewinds Business Park’s environmental and management excellence was affirmed with its win of the BOMA International TOBY Award in 2015. The complex’s industry-leading performance spans management, environmental, and tenant relations. On an annual basis, Bentall Kennedy completes a comprehensive Environmental Checklist for the complex along with an audit of each tenant space for environmental compliance. Property management also conducts an annual fire evacuation drill with muster stations in collaboration with the Calgary Fire Department, which greatly appeals to the tenants as it supplements their emergency response planning.

How did we do it?

The extensive landscaping surrounding the park beautifies the site and creates a welcoming, natural environment for tenants and their visitors. The landscaping positively impacts air quality, aids water runoff, and minimizes water use with the RainBird ESP-LX weather-controlled irrigation system. Enhancements in water efficiency and savings of 50% were achieved within the first year of installation, in 2011.

Solar-powered tenant identification signage across all six buildings enhances wayfinding and navigation.

The Bentall Kennedy branded ForeverGreen program is utilized to raise awareness of green practices in place and encourage tenants’ involvement. Since January 2014, tenants receive: monthly environmentally-focused posters; an annual tenant news- letter, the South Side News, which features news, events, and education about prop- erty services and procedures, as well as environmental tips; and Bentall’s corporate sustainability newsletter three times per year.

Every year since 2008, the complex has participated in the worldwide Earth Hour celebration by shutting off all non-emergency lighting and encouraging tenants to participate. And, since 2013, the complex has held the South Industrial tenant appreciation BBQ, a 100% green and zero-waste event, coinciding with the Calgary Stampede every July.

Created by Natalie Rekai | Saturday January 28th, 2017 | Case Study