Air Terminal Building

Corporate Facility
Air Terminal Building
1000 Airport Road, Edmonton, AB
OWNER: Edmonton Airports
MANAGER: Edmonton Airports

The Air Terminal Building at the Edmonton International Airport (EIA) is a stunning 3 story building with a standard building floor plate of 587,602 square feet set on 7,000 acres just outside Edmonton in Nisku, Alberta. From a functional architectural perspective, the very shape of the building enables it to take the full impact of the natural southern path of the sun flooding the passenger spaces with natural light. The exterior building envelope is designed to allow low winter light in to promote greater solar gain and keep the warm high summer sun out. EIA has created a welcoming arterial road “Gateway” to the airport for visitors as they travel from the city on the highway to the terminal. The landscaping was designed to be sustainable and maintainable through the use of low-impact development techniques, helping to mitigate environmental effects. Throughout the year the land surrounding the terminal is maintained to the utmost standards, providing a safe environment that is also aesthetically appealing. EIA lands are an emblem for Edmonton and Alberta as a sustainable and healthy community.

The terminal was designed to be an inspiring place and is home to one of Canada’s largest indoor vertical gardens. A 1,400-square foot Living Wall consisting of 8,000 different plants helps purify the airport’s air while also serving as a beautiful display of public art. EIA works to highlight local arts and culture; as you walk through the terminal you will notice displays by local artists and you’ll hear beautiful live music from talented performers at mini stages around the airport.

EIA has over 60 shops, services and restaurants to serve travellers and staff alike and is one of only two Canadian airports, designated as an emerging Aerotropolis.

Created by Frank Pulumbarit | Wednesday August 24th, 2016 | Cat 2