999 West Hastings

A Gold Standard

Wrapped in gold, 999 West Hastings is not only an architectural statement,  it sets the stage for sustainability. Managed by Polaris Realty, 999 West Hastings achieves excellence in sustainability by implementing extensive waste, water and energy diversion initiatives, while also taking advantages of programs such as BOMA BEST year after year. These comprehensive programs have awarded 999 West Hastings its third consecutive BOMA BEST Gold level certification;  demonstrating their continued commitment to sustainability.

How did 999 West Hastings do it?

  • Energy conservation: Taking a proactive approach to utility and resource management by establishing annual and long-term goals and objectives, and implementing management practices for design, construction and day-to-day operations. They conduct regular training and education, and have a strong stakeholder engagement.
  • Water conservation: Implementing regular reviews of water consumption to ensure that any usage issues impacting consumption get resolved. Extensive low-flow retrofits to their tenant and lobby washrooms further cut down overall water consumption.
  • Waste: Waste sent to landfills is reduced by carefully monitoring waste and implemented various recycling programs, including paper towel and organic recycling. The property aims to sustain it’s 100% diversion rate for years to come.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: A survey was conducted to provide the property managers with a summary of how tenants are performing with regards to sustainability, and offering suggestions on how to improve their sustainability within the office. The tool is always open and can be filled out as many times as needed, similar to the BOMA BEST tool.

The property’s dedication to sustainability has set 999 West Hastings apart from other office towers. Using the BOMA BEST tool, the Polaris Realty team has been able to achieve their sustainability goals. “BOMA BEST is the standard in Vancouver and is recognized amongst our tenants” says Kit MacLeod, retail operations administrator at 999 West Hastings. Kit says that “BOMA BEST recognizes our efforts to run our building as efficient as possible through management practices. It doesn’t penalize us for not making large structural changes to the building. This allows us to align with the program and continue our path towards sustainability, year after year.”.

Created by Natalie Rekai | Tuesday August 13th, 2019 | Case Study