2021 Pandemic Guide

2021 Pandemic Guide

BOMA Canada 2021 Pandemic Guide

This document builds on previous BOMA Canada pandemic guides, pandemic work from BOMA Canada committees and draws upon the knowledge of 13 subject matter experts and their colleagues.

We had planned to update the Guide in the spring of 2020; however, we wanted to include as many new learnings from COVID-19 as possible. At the time of publication, this public health crisis is still with us, but hopefully an end is in sight.

There are numerous pandemic-planning publications and templates. The goal of this Guide is to give as much easy-to- read, relevant information to BOMA Canada members as practical. Each section is only a 3–5-minute read, with a liberal use of “at-a-glance” bullet points. This Guide is meant to be used as a companion piece to the BOMA Canada “Pathway Back to Work” publication, and BOMA Canada “COVID-19: Evolving Legal Issues”. We also suggest reading BOMA International’s “Managing Through Pandemics”.

Evolving Pandemic Legal Issues

Property owners, landlords and property managers have a fairly unique position, wearing two hats during any pandemic or health emergency. First, as an employer with the obligation to protect the health and welfare of their employees. And second, as an owner/landlord/property manager of a commercial or mixed-use property with further obligations to protect its tenants/occupants, invitees and the property from any foreseeable damage that might be caused in a health emergency.

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