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Introduction to RCx for Building Owners & Managers - Dollars to $ense Workshop

Increasing occupant comfort and satisfaction while reducing energy operating costs is a powerful way to unlock value in your building assets. It has been well documented that the practice of EBCx will reduce operating costs while improving the quality of the indoor environment. This one-day workshop will provide participants with a practical approach to EBCx, with a specific focus on the elements of a robust investigation. The workshop leader is a seasoned EBCx professional and will provide examples, case studies from a variety of commercial and institutional building types. A strong focus will be placed upon the operational efficiency of HVAC systems.

  • To describe the benefits of RCx/ENCs
  • To describe the process employed in RCx/EBCx
  • To identify the indicators of the need for RCx/EBCx
  • To assess the savings potential for a particular building
  • To be able to create a plan for applying RCx/EBCx
  • To be able to support the investigation
  • To determine who will be involved
  • To identify critical elements to ensuring persistence of results
  • Introduction
  • Energy Efficiency Concepts
  • Overview of RCx/EBCx
  • The Planning Phase
  • How to select/identify the right building for RCx
  • Investigation
  • Investigating our buildings ñ tools and opportunities
  • HVAC Systems
  • Building Automation Systems
  • Fault detection and diagnostics (FDD)
  • Implementation
  • Transfer and Persistence

Who should attend?

This course is ideal for the following clientele:

  • Building owners
  • Building managers
  • Technical supervisors

Education Credits

CSEP Points:
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Workshop series supported by Natural Resources Canada.