Waste in BOMA BEST 3.0

Waste Audits are a critical component of BOMA BEST 3.0

Improving the performance of waste management in a building requires knowledge regarding the nature and mass of waste collected on-site. While it is possible to have a rough idea of the diversion rate based on data provided by waste haulers in regards to materials destined for landfill, those that can be recycled and composted, this information is not always based on weighted data, making a reliable analysis of a building’s performance impossible.

As part of the 3.0 BEST Practices, applicants must complete a Waste Audit every three years. BOMA Canada has created a document detailing all requirements for complying with this BEST Practice:

In addition to the above, a document providing generalized guidance on conducting a waste audit has been created by BOMA Canada with the help of many stakeholders. The BOMA Canada Waste Auditing Guide will provide readers with insights into practices recommended by the industry – these go above and beyond the Waste Auditing Requirements document.