Technical Clarification Requests

BOMA Canada is committed to the continuous evolution and improvement of the BOMA BEST Sustainable Buildings Certification Program.

As such, BOMA Canada has created a transparent process through which ongoing modifications can be made to the BOMA BEST Sustainable Buildings program content to ensure the program remains clear, up-to-date and on the cutting edge of industry best practices.

This process, called the Technical Clarification Request (TCR) process, allows requests for content review and clarification to be assessed and resolved by the BOMA BEST Technical Committee.


Completed TCRs

NEW – Immediately (Dec 1, 2020)

NEW – Live on March 1, 2021

Live on April 2019


BOMA BEST Technical Committee

The BOMA BEST Technical Committee was created in December 2012 with a mandate to address stakeholder inquiries about specific content in the BOMA BEST tool in addition to providing insight into emerging trends and areas of interest that affect the Program. This volunteer committee is composed of industry experts from across Canada with specific experience in each of the tool’s critical areas of assessment (energy, water, waste reduction, etc.).

2020 Member

Berni Baier – Camfil Canada
Braedyn Stockfish – Modern Niagara Ottawa.
Bruce MacKenzie – MacKenzie Management Consulting Inc.
Curt Lamontagne – C5 Plus
Jessica L. Wilkinson – Working Knowledge
Lisa Liang – Energy @ Work
Lucas Born – Rodan Energy Solutions Inc.
Manasi Koushik – RiskCheck Inc. (Co-Chair)
Maye Nufal – EllisDon
Naz Khan – Technical Inspection Professionals Inc.
Nichole Bonner – CD Sonter
Paul Welsman – Wasteco
Rachael Rozzi – Center for Active Design
Rob Rousseau – Envari
Edward (Ted) Cook – Automated Logic
Steve Herzog – Greener Solutions

Hazel Sutton – BOMA Canada (Co-Chair)


Communicating the TCRs

Completed TCRs are communicated in the following ways 30 days prior to implementation:

  • Via the BOMA Canada newsletter.
  • Via the Completed TCRs section of this website.

Once the modifications have been implemented, compliance to the new language is mandatory for all  users with incomplete applications (not certified).


About TCRs


A TCR may be:

  1. A request for a formal review of the intent behind an assessment question

These TCRs will contribute towards creating a BOMA BEST Sustainable Buildings program that is up-to-date with industry best practices for environmental performance and management.

  1. A request for additional clarity

These TCRs will contribute towards ensuring that the BOMA BEST Sustainable Buildings language is clear and concise through the creation of additional user resources.

  1. A request for scoring interpretation including regional-based amendments

These TCRs will bring greater specificity to the tool, allowing it to become sensitive to regional differences.


TCR Submissions

All BOMA BEST Sustainable Buildings users may submit a TCR.

Before submitting a TCR confirm that it hasn’t already been addressed by consulting the following resources:

  • Review the Explanation language provided in the online assessment.
  • Consult the BOMA BEST Sustainable Buildings 3.0 Application Guide.
  • Review the Completed TCRs section.
  • Review the FAQ section of the website.
  • Consult your Local BOMA Association.

Once all the above recommendations have been exhausted, and should a TCR still be deemed warranted, contact BOMA Canada at for next steps.


TCR Resolution

Once a TCR has been resolved, a TCR Resolution Summary will be posted in the “Completed TCRs” section above for public reference.

A TCR may or may not result in modification to the tool. In all cases, a rationale for the decision will be included in the TCR Resolution Summary. All resolutions will be final.


Programming Implications

TCRs may result in programming requirements that will alter BOMA BEST Sustainable Buildings 3.0 assessments. Modifications may include any of the following: modification of assessment questions; modification of assessment tips; modification of scoring; addition or removal of a question. These details will be clearly communicated in the TCR Resolution Summary provided for a given TCR.

All modifications that impact users (such as question modification or refined requirements) will be communicated to users at least 30 days prior to implementation, at which time compliance to the new language will be mandatory. All users with an incomplete application (not certified) will be affected.

The date these modifications will permanently come into effect will be clearly communicated in the Completed TCR Resolution Summary.


Verification Implications

Third-party BOMA BEST Sustainable Buildings Verifiers will be informed of resolutions as they are released. Regular communication between BOMA Canada and the BOMA BEST Sustainable Buildings Verifiers will ensure that question interpretations remain consistent across the country.