1. Introduction

Fees are subject to terms and conditions listed in BOMA BEST Program Policies

  1. Application fees are effective January 1, 2023 unless otherwise stated.
  2. They do not include applicable taxes.
  3. Applicants must ensure they select the building assessment module in accordance with the BOMA BEST definitions for each asset type.
  4. When calculating the building size to determine the application fee, include interior and/or underground parking in the building size. Do not include external parking.
  5. Application fees listed in here include on-site verification fees, excluding travel where building(s) location is at a considerable distance from BOMA Canada or designate Local BOMA Association offices as per BOMA BEST Program Policy 6 (On-Site Verification: Additional Verification Costs).
  6. BOMA Canada reserves the right to make changes to the Application Fees without notice. BOMA Canada will endeavour to the best of its ability to communicate new fees to applicants and the public.

Further information: contact BOMA Canada (Portfolio Program stream) or your Local BOMA Association (Single Building stream).

2. Single Stream—Individual 3 Year Certification

3. Portfolio Stream (Annual Fee for Continuous Certification)

The portfolio program allows for a more economical certification where buildings are managed or owned by a single firm.
BOMA Canada will review each portfolio to determine eligibility

  • A minimum number of buildings and or square footage may apply
  • A minimum number of memberships at the Local BOMA Association may apply

Ongoing certification is dependent on the completion of an annual verification process.

An additional annual administration fee may apply for Light Industrial and Open Air Retail properties

If you are interested in joining the Portfolio Stream, please contact info@bomabest.org for consideration or more information.

4. Sustainable Workplaces

Not available in 2023 until the release of the next iteration of BOMA BEST Workplaces. Contact info@bomabest.org for more information.