See Top 5 BOMA BEST Tips (May 2017)

Posted by Michael Parker
27 June 2017 | Uncategorized

Here are the Top 5 BOMA BEST Tips (May 2017)

1) Change the level of detail on your scoring summary page

When looking at your score, choose between 4 levels of detail. Select Level 4 to display the exact question wording.


2) Customizing the columns on the Property page

Simply click on “Select columns” when on the Property page to customize which columns are included in your My Properties view.


3) Add filter criteria on the Property page

To find what you are looking for faster, add a filter criteria.


4) Export your property information

To easily manipulate your own data, export your building information in an excel spreadsheet by clicking on “Export”.


5) Access reference documents

Easily access reference documents (such as the Step-by-Step Guide from Registration to Certification in the Application Guide) by downloading them directly from the Documents section.

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