Tenants Can Now Go Green In A Big Way

You already have a green mandate, now you can have a green workplace. We’re proud to introduce BOMA BEST® Sustainable Workplaces, the perfect tool to lead you and your organization to an environmentally sustainable workplace.

Not only will BOMA BEST® Sustainable Workplaces validate what you’ve already done, it will give you a road map to improve key performance indicators.

The standardized framework requires you to benchmark, monitor, and set goals in seven areas over which you typically have some measure of control: energy, water, waste, e-waste, construction and renovation, procurement practices, business and employee travel and indoor air quality.

In order to assure the program’s success, five organizations were asked to provide their feedback. This included their thoughts about the process, results and any recommendations for improvement.

Many of our partners have begun the greening process what they lacked was a comprehensive plan – a blueprint
to build healthy, vibrant workplaces.

What we quickly discovered was that many of the tenants from the pilot program, who had a green mandate, were already doing much of the work required to earn certification. What was missing was a blueprint which gave them the ability to record what had already been done and set a plan for continuous improvement.

It is a simple, straight forward process designed with the end-user in mind. “It benefits everyone, we’re reducing what’s going to the landfills, we’re reducing our energy consumption, we’re trying to be healthier, and it’s not difficult when you realize some of this is common sense and comes quite naturally,” one of the tenants from our pilot program pointed out.

The Sustainable Workplaces program is now ready to roll out to workplaces across the asset classes for which BOMA BEST® certification is available. The great news is any workplace is applicable.

Now you can certify your workplace at an introductory annual rate of $375 per office plus $1 per full time equivalent employee. Charities and non-profits receive a 50% discount.