Updated fees for 2018

Application Fees

Application fees are effective January 5, 2018 unless otherwise stated.

Prices are based on the building’s total floor area (except for MURB). To identify your building’s price category:

  1. Include interior and/or underground parking in the building size. Do not include external parking.
  2. Application fees listed in here include on-site verification fees, excluding travel where building(s) location is at a considerable distance from BOMA Canada or designate Local BOMA Association offices as per BOMA BEST Sustainable Buildings 3.0 Program Policy 6 – On-Site Verification: Additional Verification Costs.
  3. Application fees do not include applicable taxes.
  4. Further information: contact BOMA Canada (Portfolio Program stream) or your Local BOMA Association (Single Building stream).

Download the 2018 Price list.


Fees in the single stream are incurred once every three years (each certification cycle)



All Portfolio fees represent annual fees.

* Universal buildings that meet the definition of educational campuses (e.g. university, college, etc.) may be eligible to incur reduced fees of $0.0062 /square foot (i.e. $6.2 per 1,000 square feet). Contact BOMA Canada for more information related to Portfolio Program fees.

** Portfolios with Light Industrial, Open Air Retail, and MURB buildings that meet a minimum portfolio size of 5 buildings are eligible to incur these reduced fees. Contact BOMA Canada for more information related to Portfolio Program fees.

For more information on the Portfolio Program please review the BOMA BEST Portfolio Program Guide.


For more information on BOMA BEST Sustainable Workplaces please review the BOMA BEST Sustainable Workplaces Standard.