With more than 5,000 buildings obtaining a certification or recertification since its inception in 2005, BOMA BEST is Canada’s largest environmental assessment and certification program for existing buildings. It is a unique, voluntary program designed by industry for industry; it provides owners and managers with a consistent framework for assessing the environmental performance and management of existing buildings of all sizes.

BOMA BEST Sustainable Buildings certification recognizes excellence in energy and environmental management and performance in commercial real estate. The Program is managed by the Building Owners and Managers Association of Canada (BOMA Canada) and delivered by the eleven Local BOMA Associations throughout Canada.

BOMA BEST® 3.0 recently replaced BOMA BEST Version 2 and represents a vastly improved and more robust software platform. If you have questions please click here for more details.

An overview of the differences and similarities that exist between BOMA BEST 3.0 and Version 2 can be downloaded here.


Assessing Environmental Management and Performance

With its next evolution, BOMA BEST Sustainable Buildings 3.0, the program has stayed true to its core objective, to facilitate the continuous improvement of building operation and maintenance through the use of a questionnaire or survey-based assessment.

BOMA BEST Sustainable Buildings 3.0 provides a consistent framework for owners, managers and building operators to critically assess ten (10) key areas of environmental performance and management:

  1. Energy
  2. Water
  3. Air
  4. Comfort
  5. Health and Wellness
  6. Custodial
  7. Purchasing
  8. Waste
  9. Site
  10. Stakeholder Engagement


BEST Practices

BOMA BEST Sustainable Buildings 3.0 continues to rely on its foundation of BEST Practices. These represent the minimum requirements for all buildings, regardless of level achieved. Sixteen BEST Practices are in place for Office, Enclosed Shopping Centre, and Universal buildings, while 14 BEST Practices are in place for Light Industrial or Open Air Retail buildings. These have been updated from their previous versions.



Every building that completes the online assessment must undergo an on-site verification conducted by a third-party to ensure the validity of information entered online, as well as evaluate on-site knowledge and implementation of environmental management practices. On-site verification must occur before the final score and certification can be awarded.



BOMA BEST Sustainable Buildings 3.0 represents a complete renewal of the program as it existed in Version 2 (V2) which was released in January 2012. Since then, the program has evolved to include updated questions, categories, BEST Practices, as well as a new module called “Universal” for buildings that do not fit the definition of the other asset classes.

An overview of the differences and similarities that exist between BOMA BEST 3.0 and Version 2 can be downloaded here.

Timeline for Completing the Assessment

BOMA Canada does not set a time limit for the completion of the assessment questionnaire  although we reserve the right to close assessments that have not been completed within two (2) years.

Verification and subsequent certification is coordinated by a regionally designated Local BOMA Association. Note that all BEST Practices must be met, regardless of the final score, for a building to achieve certification.


Certification Validity

BOMA BEST certification is valid for a three (3) year period (single building stream).