BOMA Canada Joins Trade Mission to China

Posted by Michael Parker
27 June 2017

BOMA Canada Joins Trade Mission to China

My recent invitation to join Hon. Jim Carr, Minister of Natural Resources, on a buildings-focused Cleantech Trade Mission to China demonstrates just how strongly the Canadian government and the Chinese industry value BOMA Canada’s expertise and support.

China is increasingly turning to BOMA Canada for assistance with its massive inventory of existing buildings. It’s hard to imagine just how big China’s population is until you see it for yourself. Nearly 20 Chinese cities have at least 10 million residents – and 150 million more Chinese will urbanize in the next few years. All these people will live in multi-unit residential buildings and increasingly they will work in high rise office towers. These buildings need to be maintained, operated and improved, particularly when over 3 million Chinese die each year from dirty air.

And that’s where we come in. There is huge room for improvement in the performance of Chinese existing buildings. By bringing our best practices, our expertise and our programs like BOMA BEST, BOMA Canada is increasingly providing solutions to China’s greatest challenges – urbanization and pollution. Canadian industry experts are regulars at BOMA China conferences, Canadian judges are evaluating the performance of Chinese buildings, and Canadian suppliers are selling innovative clean technologies to a hungry Chinese market. The challenges in China are as big as its immense population – but increasingly, BOMA Canada is providing key solutions.

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