Sponsorship Opportunities

Your Opportunity

At BOMA we offer both local and national sponsorships opportunities, so potential sponsors are truly getting the best of both worlds.

At the Local level, you may sponsor a BOMA Local Association directly and/or sponsor a program or part of a program, and connect directly with the local, underlying membership.

Nationally, you will have potential access to building owners and property managers nation-wide, and you will become part of our national conference – BOMEX®.

But beyond being a sponsor, you will become part of the solution. Part of the team that is making the buildings where we live, work and play healthier, more economically viable and better for the environment.

Download our Sponsorship Prospectus.


National Sponsorship Packages

To make it as easy for our national sponsors as possible, we’ve put together three sponsorship packages. All you need to do is select the one that best answers your organization’s needs. Once you’ve done that you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of your package. Note that 50% of each sponsorship is credited directly towards your participation in BOMEX our National Conference*.


Customized Packages

We understand that some organizations may be interested in pursuing national sponsorship opportunities that go beyond our packages. For those, we offer customized sponsorship packages and are more than open to discussing any possibility.